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Rio Yachts Sport Coupé 56 (2021)
(Code 617824)
1,330,000 EUR
Technical details

Navigation category

B - Offshore

First registration





18.05 Mt

Overall Length

18.05 Mt


4.67 Mt


24,300 Kg




VAT not included


Marino Alfani

Max onboard people


Electrical installation

24V 220V

Cruise speed

30 Kt

Max speed

35 Kt

Fuel tank

2,900 Lt

Water tank

740 Lt
2 x 800 Hp - Man I6 800 (2022)
Inboard Turbo-Diesel
Shaft drive
1 x 12 Kw
SPORT COUPE' 56 is a completely new hull that enhances and summarizes the technical, aesthetic, comfort and innovation elements that have decreed the success of the moving models of the range. Built with cutting-edge materials and with the Italian craftsmanship that distinguishes the RIO YACHTS production, rich in technical equipment, it is a hard top with a sporty look, very bright, completely closed and authentic open: a yacht where indoor and outdoor spaces constantly dialogue in a continuum of elegance and sportsmanship, with spaces and lines of true open, practicality of use and generous spaces. The design, designed by Marino Alfani, assisted by the project office inside the construction site, is played on sartorial details and fine finishes that give life to comfortable environments in the name of conviviality and Made in Italy The interior and exterior spaces of SPORT COUPE' 56 are characterized by being all extremely connected: environments dedicated to the pleasure of being together. Starting from the stern we find a large folding platform with garage (for tender or jet ski) and retractable barbecue, a large cockpit with sundeck sofa, modular tables, electric tent that allows you to enjoy the sun and the sea in company. The characteristic element of the new boat, characteristic of RIO YACHTS tested in other models of the range, is the crystal door between cockpit and steering wheel: it allows you to completely close the cockpit obtaining maximum comfort and expanding the time of use. When not needed, the door disappears into the ceiling, giving the hull the appearance and usability of the real open. SPORT COUPE' 56 thus becomes the boat for all seasons

Passing through the door you are in a very bright dinette with large sofa, crystal tables, marble top, retractable television and double driving station by Besenzoni. The driving position allows easy manoeuvrability and the wide windshield gives a wide and complete view. The suspended dashboard has two multifunction 12'' touchscreens for the management of all on-board instruments: from cameras to pilots, from echo to radar to GPS.
Sport Coupè 56 is powered by two MAN I6 800 2x800HP engines, reaches the maximum speed of 35 knots for a cruising speed of 30 knots and low consumption for its category.
As far as interiors are concerned, priority has been given to spaces and volumes, habitability and compartmentalization that have always been a characteristic element of the construction site.
Functionality, versatility and aesthetic research merge into flexible compositions: the layout in fact offers various options, two cabins / three cabins, garage / sailor cabin depending on the needs of the owner.

The kitchen is located in the center of the boat and represents the junction between the outside and the interior, creating a unique and spacious environment. The glass ceiling allows for exceptional brightness. It is an exhibited kitchen, considered as a moment of pleasure, relaxation and fun of the owner and his friends / guests. The cabins are large and comfortable: the large windows allow those who sail to feel part of the sea. The choices of materials for the customization of SPORT COUPE' 56 are endless: as for other models in the range, a team of trained professionals accompanies the owner on the path of choosing every detail of his new boat where no details are left to chance.

Air conditioning: CONDARIA 60,000 BTU (water-cooled system)
Satellite antenna (opt.): INTELLIAN I4
Aces / Rudders / Propellers/trestles/Passacavi: ITALIAN PROPELLER
Batteries: FAAM AGM 4x200 engines, 1x100 generator, 4x200 services, 2x200 bow propeller
Battery charger: MASTER VOLT 60A+100A
Echo: GARMIN GT15 600W
Bow propeller
GPS: 2x GARMIN 12"
Inverter (opt.): ZF 325 IV
Door hydraulics: BESENZONI
Hydraulic garage door: BESENZONI
Electrical system: 24V
Inverter: 24V 1,200 W
Galvanic Insulator (opt.): UFLEX prosare 50A
Tender sled handling: BESENZONI
Hydraulic walkway (opt.): BESENZONI
Autopilot: GARMIN GHC 20
Bilge pumps: MARCO 24V n.04
Tenderl lift: BESENZONI 850 kg
Electric cockpit awning (opt.): SOLIDEA/STOBAG
Tanks with level visual control: Stainless 2 x 1450 lt connectable with electrotavola
Grey water structural reservoir: Lt. 380
Black water tank: FEIT Lt. 360 in HDPE
Winch: #1 QUICK
Again: Trefoil 30 kg
Chain: 100 mt 10 mm
Submerged discharges with minimal discharge/discharges: Stainless steel structures
Hydraulic Interceptor/Flaps: ZIP WAKE/TWIN DISK
Sliding roof handling: GALLINEA
Diesel filters: Two RACOR 900 pairs
Engine room soundproofing: AIRPREN - 2B RESINS - 25 mm double layer of loaded rubber and NORD light isophon COMPENSATED for bulkhead versus master cabin
Signal trumpet: MARKO
Adjustable steering wheel: SEA STAR electrohydraulic

Number of cabins


Number of baths


Cabins beds


Total beds

Cabins typology
2 x Double King Size
1 x Double flat
2 x Dinette
1 x Living
1 x Kitchen
2 x Toilet with shower no bidet